Play Therapy

Children learn and modify behavior through play


Play is essential to a child’s healthy mental and physical development. Through play, your child will develop the life skills that will help him/her to succeed in the classroom, the workplace, and as human beings in our society.  

Because of the language development of young children, verbalization of emotions and events, play therapy has become an effective tool of expression.   Children  conceptualize the world in a much higher level than their verbal level.  Play therapy is the use of toys to take the place of words in telling the child’s story and in expressing the child’s emotions.   The mainstay of play therapy is the playroom with the selection of symbolic toys, in conjuncture with an experienced play therapist, will support your child in greatly expanding his/her medium for nonverbal and verbal expression.

Building Resilience


As children's transitions into adolescents, they are developing emotional intelligence and social skills to support them in becoming healthy and happy young adults. Consequently, some teenagers experience or engage in behaviors that are contrary to their happiness and ability to flourish. Fortunately, play therapy in conjuncture with traditional talk therapy has been beneficial in helping teenagers work through their challenging events, situations, and issues in their life.    Adolescent counseling or children counseling using play therapy techniques will support your child in overcoming struggles and create a place that foster healing and growth.   

Close the deal


I'm a register play therapist (RPT), this allows me to creatively and playfully build relationships that will create an environment of change.  

Small children and adolescent  become quickly engaged in therapy and modifying behavior can quickly follow.


Therapeutic modalities   Cognitive Behavior play therapy,some  Dialectic Behavioral Therapy, and solution focused.

Cost of  session $100

Insurance --  Humana/Tricare

Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Care Source.

Sliding scale -- situational

EAP --  yes

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