LJMFT Family Counseling and relationship building

Family Therapy



I work with the family (husband, wife, children, and extended family systems when needed) to create an empowered environment to express thoughts, feelings, and experiences that have influenced the family, each individual, and relationship dynamics. Investing in your family through therapy affords an opportunity to create healthy communication, improve the quality of relationship, and create personal awareness and growth that opens the door for healing during your families Life's Journey. Each member of your family is a valuable entity and therapy will produce a place to communicate each member’s perspective. Collaboratively, we will create treatment plan goals to facilitate growth, structures, and boundaries.

Life's Journey


Stages of Life's Journey consist of giving birth, school age children, teenagers,  launching the nest, getting married,  empty nest, and aging. Stages of life transitions present families with unique challenges and families responses effects  overall quality, health and well-being of the entire family system.    Stage of life transitions are identifiable beginnings, turning points, and endings and can cause additional stress and disharmony within your family system.   Together we will identify and repair hindrances that prevents  your family from thriving.  

Strengthening Family System


My holistic approach will support your family in creating structure, boundaries, discipline, support with relationship building, and  enhance communication for starters. 

Together we can create a holistic treatment plan to meet your family's unique needs.  

Therapeutic modalities Cognitive Behavior,some  Dialectic Behavioral Therapy, and Solution Focused Therapy.

Cost of Family session $100

Insurance:  Humana/Tricare

Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Care Source.

Sliding scale -- situational

EAP --  yes

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