Couples Therapy or Marriage Counseling Atlanta area

Investing in your relationship



Free 15 minute consult  to discuss your specific needs.  

Couples therapy consists of fourteen sessions.  The first session,   both individuals are present, the second and third session is with each individual, and remaining sessions both individuals are present.  Prior to second and third session a comprehensive assessment will be completed.  The cost of the assessment is $29.  The cost of assessment is included in the first session.

Choosing your path


Therapy is not only for couples whose relationship are in distress, but can also enhance relationships that are not  satisfying or rewarding.   Pre marriage counseling is a platform that creates positive marriage solutions.  Marriage counseling using Christian couples counseling's principles can create a holistic environment to maneuver through perplexing situations and bringing you and your partner together with a deeper understanding of each other. As your therapist, I will work impartially with you and your partner to enhance communication, modify dysfunctional  interactional 

patterns, decrease emotional distance, promote individual and couple strengths, and enhance physical and intimate connections. 

Building Foundation on Solid Ground


The cost of the first session is $129 and all remaining sessions are $100.

Therapeutic Modality Gottman, some Emotional Focused Couples Therapy, and Cognitive Behavior Therapy.

My personal commitment to you  and your partner is that I will hold each of you accountable and a create treatment plan to heal, create structure, and enhance your relationship.

Insurance --  Humana/Tricare

Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Care Source.

EAP -- yes

sliding scale - situational 

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